Monday, May 16, 2011

New Electric Brewery

Hey everyone....

Sorry for not being around but i've been busy putting together a new brewery...this time an electric one so I can brew indoors during the cold RI winters! It is a 2 vessel brewery that recirculates the wort and mash and sparge water around itself to produce a suitable wort. I finished testing it today and performed a final cleaning of all components, and it is now ready for i'ts maiden brew session. I'll be brewing with it before the week is out.

I'd also like to thank Kal over at for his inspiration  and insights concerning the build. I did implement a few of his ideas for my system but not many!

Below are a few pics of today's testing session and final cleaning.

Hope you enjoy the pics!
I'll be adding more pics during the brewery's maiden voyage soon!

Keep Brewing!



Anonymous Betsy Parks said...

Hi there - cool electric system! Would you be interested in sharing any photos with Brew Your Own magazine? If so, send me an email:

Thanks - and congrats on a great build!

Betsy Parks
Associate Editor
Brew Your Own

3:05 PM  

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